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  • simplex basket strainers
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Simplex Return Filters

Return simplex filters are positioned at the end of a return line to remove contaminants from the operating fluid before the fluid returns to the tank.

Strong, durable and die-castaluminum housings, with Buna-N seals construction is perfect for return-line filtering, as line filters or as tank attachment filters on the tank or tank integrated filters in the tank.

  • Flow rates up to 15000 l/min
  • Working pressure up to 32 Mpa
  • Operating temperatures: -29°C to 121°C
  • Aluminum casting and Buna-N Seals
  • Wide range of indicator options
  • Various bowl length versions possible

Theseindustrial simplex strainersare economical, space-saving units offering a variety of options, such as steel or plastic access covers, high-pressure option, numerous connections and accessories including bypass-valve, clogging indicators.

It is widely used in machinery, mobile and heavy-duty applications.

Model Flow Rate
Pressure loss
Connect Element Number
Low Pressure RFA-25 25 1,3,5,10,20,30 1.6 Ø 15 Initial:≤0.075 Max:0.35 Thread 1
RFA-40 40 Ø 20
RFA-63 63 Ø25
RFA-100 100 Ø 32
RFA-160 160 Ø 40
RFA-250 250 Ø 50 Flange
RFA-400 400 Ø 65
rfa - 630 630 Ø 90
RFA-800 800 Ø 90
RFA-1000 1000 Ø 90
Large Flow LFN-1300 1300 3~200 1.6 Ø100 Initial:≤0.1 Max:0.35 Flange 1
LFN-2600 2600 Ø150 2
LFN-3900 3900 Ø200 3
LFN-6500 6500 Ø250 5
LFN-7800 7800 Ø250 6
LFN-9100 9100 Ø250 7
lfn - 15000 15000 Ø300 10

Return Filters

  • +

    Screw-in filter cover

    Lightweight and easy-operation, filter element can be easily taken out of the filter head.

  • +

    Indicator Port

    Used for install indicator, indicating when to change filter elements

  • +

    Rotary-pressing filter bowl

    Die-cast aluminum filter bowl ensure strength and durability.

  • +


    Must be below the oil level.

  • +


    Inlet port options include thread port or SAE 4-bolt flange to allow easy installation

  • +

    Bypass valve

    When the pressure reaches to 0.35Mpa, bypass valve will open automatically to keep hydraulic system safe

  • +

    Filter Head

    High-quality aluminum material, variety customizable colors options.

  • +

    Fluid diffuser

    At bottom of the filter, help the medium flow stably to tank and avoid the air reentering.

  • +

    Connect flange with tank

    Easy installation, both horizontal and vertical installation to tank are all right.