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  • 不鏽鋼雙麵過濾器外殼
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There is a three-way-changeover ball valve between the two stainless steel filter housings, making our duplex filter housing possible to switch from the dirty filter side to the clean side without interrupting operation. All duplex filter housings made from SS 316 & SS304 are mirror polished to resist adhesion of dirt and rust.

  • Maximum flow rate to 7800 l/min
  • Filter housing: 304/316 stainless steel
  • 連接堵塞指示符
  • Ball change-over valve for good sealing
  • 高汙垢持有容量和易於維護

304/316不鏽鋼雙麵過濾器殼體施工簡單,易於使用。雙工型過濾器with stud-and-nut are supplied with balancing valves to equalize pressure and ease turning of the valve.


Duplex filter housing is the most important part in aduplex filter此外,Filson擁有20多年的製造經驗與雙麵過濾器外殼,所以如果您需要雙工濾袋外殼,Filson將是您的首要選擇。

Flow Rate:25 - 7800 L / min


Connection: DN20 – DN250

Working Pressure:≤2.5mpa.



旁通設置:4 Mpa

供應權力: 24 v / 48 w、220 v / 50 w

Element Number:1 * 2〜6 * 2


雙麵過濾器外殼: The Complete Guide


I am going to explain what it is, how it works, technical specification, assembly process and cleaning procedure, just to mention a few.

You know what?


Let’s get to it:


Duplex filter housing is a duo sturdy enclosure that carries the filter media elements (filtering unit), pressure gauge, blow-down valve.

另外,它有一個入口和出口開口液壓fluid system. The two filter housings are joined together through change-over ball.

The whole design does not only take up a little space, but also avoids leakage possibilities at the end connections, even when replacing the filter element.

This feature makes a duplex filter special as it can allow continuous operation with no downtime for cleaning.

The duplex filters are connected at the common diverter so that when one filter is dirt-lodged the medium flow is diverted to the other filter housing via the ball valve.

This offers enough time for repair and maintenance on the other filter housing. The filter cartridge housing can then be opened, washed, changed or overhauled.




It is a most reliable device for maintaining uninterrupted operation of continuous medium circulation in a oil circuit.


The duplex filter housing is ideal for systems that cannot allow medium flow interruptions.


Continuous medium flow is maintained via the usage of the duo basket chambers while the plug redirects the flow from one basket to the other.

The duplex filter housing is instrumental in ensuring a robust, steady and optimal filtration process in the filtration circuit.

Hence, duplex filter housing is used forbasket strainer, inline filter, bag filter,墨盒過濾器, dust collection filter and what have you.

For easy termination of duplex filter housing, the end connections are properly flanged or threaded.

Duplex filter housing is designed for various application environments like low and high pressure, extreme temperature applications.


If there is a critically essential innovation on piping circuit devices is a fabrication of duplex filter housing.

Most fabricated designs of duplex filter housing use tall strainer structures that can accommodate longer basket filters.


Duplex filter housings can be customized on request and the system incorporates industrial and manifold valves.


Let’s find out what material duplex filter housing is made up of:

a) Stainless Steel 316 (SS 316)

具有SS 316的雙麵過濾器外殼由正品鉻鎳耐熱和耐熱性構成stainless steel.


SS 316雙麵過濾器外殼


Type 316 stainless steel housing has molybdenum attributes to its greater resistance to chemical corrosion. For instance, fatty acids at higher temperatures, sulfuric acids.

此外,SS 316雙麵過濾器殼體易於製造,完成和焊接。SS 316雙麵過濾器外殼耐用的事實,它也成本略高。

It is important to consider buying SS 316 duplex filter enclosure when designing an outdoor system or for drinking water level, food-grade standard level.



Its alloy is drawn from modification of 8% nickel and 18% chromium authentic alloy that is durable and resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

This duplex filter housing material delivers best filtration performance specification as well as provide ease of access and operation at the site.

SS 304 duplex filter housing is highly affordable as compared to SS 316 material and has an array of applications.




FilSon duplex filter housing such as super duplex UNS S32760 material


Duplex filter housing in sea applications

雙麵過濾器外殼in sea water applications



Also, it has some Nitrogen N that characterizes them with outstanding resistance to crevice corrosion and chloride pitting.



This has made special duplex cost-effective and reliable in seawater operations.

Note: Super dual-phase stainless steel filter housing must be equipped with the same material of filter elements to keep material consistency.

Technical Specification of Duplex Filter Housing


This is because the filtering process takes place in the chambers.

Duplex filter housing is designed with a duo filter chamber; since one chamber is in operation the other remains as a standby.



The right technical specification for duplex filter housing comes with a diversion mechanism that adjoins the twin chambers. The diversion mechanism system plays the core role in the working of the duplex filter.





Technical specification of duplex filter housing


A number of factors have to be put into consideration with filter element specifications:

  1. Diameter of the filter disc stacks
  2. Filter media ratings
  3. 堆棧中的過濾器數

Such factors are used to find the overall capacity of the filtering unit.

However, a duplex filter capacity can still be modified by adjusting the filtering units into a special arrangement. For example, arrange in parallel two or three filter units.

現在,可以清除雙麵過濾器外殼的濾波器 - 過濾單元和外部壓力表,以檢查壓差差的堆積。

雙工濾波器住房必須超過ISO multitestterms of structural integrity, filtering unit capacity and ratings, as well as pressure and temperature operation specification.


ISO Tests

ISO Tests

Duplex Filter Working Principle/ Changeover Procedure

Duplex filter forms the filtering unit that seats inside the duplex filter housing. The inlet and outlets are connected on the other basket housing, thus the name duplex filter.


In an instance where the filter element gets clogged, the medium flow circulation is diverted to pave way for repair and service.


This procedure prevents costly leakage and danger that the running medium may have on the operator. Hence, offers a secure environment for operations.





It is wise to note that at any given point, one basket chamber of duplex filter is always on standby. Also the position of lever handle shows which basket filter is in use.


Change-over Procedure



Duplex filter element

  • Once the optimal contamination capacity is reached, the alarm alerts for an immediate change-over of the filter element.
  • 如果您的雙工過濾器沒有指示,則建議每年兩次更改過濾介質。
  • Take precaution before removing the duplex filter element by releasing pressure out of the filter chamber and allow it to cool down.
  • The diversion mechanism should enable you to cut-off medium supply and pressure build up in the identified chamber.
  • Make sure there are no leakages at the equalizing valve. Proceed to take out the top cover to get access to the filter media.
  • 一旦液體排出在過濾器元件下方,在取出過濾器元件之前,稍微稍高地保持稍高,以便在幾分鍾之後滴水,將其取出。
  • 打開新的雙麵過濾器元素並將其重新安裝在與前一個相同的位置。
  • Reassemble the duplex filtering unit and seal the top chamber and make sure the chamber does not leak.


Duplex filter assembly is solely designed to offer exquisite filtering of the medium flow under various pressure.


The twin chamber assembly allows for change-over of filter media while running. On either side of a chamber, fitted is an electrical circuitry to show a clogged filter unit.


The lever-handle is important to create medium flow direction, and show the filter chamber in operation. Note that the correct place of the lever has to be set on either end of the filter chambers.



As the filtering unit gets contaminated, the pressure differential rapidly increases between the inlet and outlet of the duplex filter assembly. Once the preset limit is reached a switch is turned on to signal on the gauge of imminent clean up schedule.

The operator turns the lever-handle to the other extreme end to bring the stand-by filter chamber on-line. This action is recommended to be swift to avoid system pressure drop.





Cleaning a Duplex Filter Housing


First of all, check both the pressure and temperature on the duplex filter chamber and confirm whether the medium may be hazardous or corrosive.

Figure 9 Technical drawing of a duplex filter housing

This should give you a safe and secure working environment. Follow the below steps carefully:

  1. 發現需要清潔和維護的腔室。通過考慮到這樣的信息,您可以啟動中等流量轉移到其他備用室。
  2. 當你打開蓋子頂部時要謹慎,以避免破解或迫使螺栓擰出螺栓。此時,腔室應在獲得雙工過濾介質之前釋放壓力。
  • Lift out the duplex filter element and use pressurized air to purge out dirt and sediment accumulated inside the duplex filter chamber.
  1. 使用熱壓縮水衝洗並正確清潔腔室。但是,請記住,避免在徹底清潔期間從雜質入口中損壞基礎腔室。
  2. You can as well opt to clean the drain plug and washer. If it is in poor condition, replace it.
  3. 之後,將可清潔的屏幕恢複到腔室中,並確保其正方形進入正確的位置。
  • 雙工過濾元件的手柄應略微高於腔室。將球閥係統恢複到其初始位置。
  • 一旦雙麵過濾器外殼的各個單位占據精確位置,請繼續覆蓋腔室並插入螺母。在收緊蓋帽之前,檢查是否在包裝運動之前適當地座位。
  1. Continue to tighten all the bolts and nuts to avoid leakages once the system is running. Once you confirm that the duplex filter housing reinstalled, you can move the lever-handle to allow for partial medium circulation into the cleaned duplex filter housing chamber.
  2. By doing this, air is vented-off from the chamber and re-seats the screw locks on the duplex filter housing. After a while, you can completely turn the lever-handle for full medium flow into the system.

The exercise should be done for the other chamber of the duplex filter housing when it gets clogged.


As you can see, duplex filter housing come in a range of shapes and designs. However, choosing the right duplex filter housing it the most important.


現在,輪到你了,萬一您對雙麵過濾器外殼有疑問 - 請隨時與我們聯係。

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    工業質量,SS 316&SS304製造的所有外殼都是鏡子拋光以抵抗汙垢和鏽蝕的粘連。

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    Clogging Indicator


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    Vent plug

    Efficient air purging to ensure pressure equilibration

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    Three-way Ball Valve

    Longer service life, well sealing. Permit by-passing the filter during elements changes without costly system shutdown

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    Balance Valve


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    Clean Side Drain

    To remove sediment from filtered oil

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